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What We Do

• Improve Youth Organizational Structure, networking, coordination, information sharing among the youth groups in South Sudan with the support of other organizations to bring sustainable developments among youths.

• Highlight and advocate for youth concerns with the involvement of Youth stakeholders (CSO, CBOs, Government, International Organizations and the Private sector to bridge the gap between the governing bodies and the general population

• Work in relation with existing youth organizations both internationally and locally to develop training packages for empowering youth groups.

• Build a Youth platformCentre’s which youth groups use to discuss their concerns, and improve their livelihood skills.

• Improve and empower youth group’s capacity and skills to achieve their goals through capacity building programmes like agriculture, hand skills like art and crafted.

• Establish better coordination, collaboration among youth groups, CSOs, CBOs and International Organizations.

• Establish Peace Building and Conflict management programmes Activities like drama & community sensitization

• Provide Awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS and other related STIs through media,etc

• Capacity Building Training on Leadership , Gender mainstreaming ,Organizational Development, Networking, Lobbying / advocacy of youth un-employment and Fundraising for youth Groups

• Education support programme, such as career guidance, development and counseling Skill Training for Secondary and graduate youths.


• Youth participation in Peace building.
• Education
Fight drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS