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Music For Peace

Music for peace

Just as war is created by a critical mass of angry and frustrated people with angry thoughts and vengeful heart, so peace can be created by a critical mass of people focusing on peaceful thoughts
There is a bible verse, “Whatever you sow, and so shall you reap life.” When the media is focused on peace, when the community supports peace, more people will think about peace, desire peace, and believe in peace.
It is an obvious but powerful truth that the more people are focused on peace, the greater the chances that conflicts could be avoided and greater peace and harmony achieved.
By enlisting hundreds of creative and talented youth, MUSIC FOR PEACE can become a turning point, a way to transform the dominant thoughts of a nation from negative mindsets to positive ideologies and create a consensus for peace. And when enough people focus on peace instead of war, on harmony instead of discord, love instead of hate, a sea change for peace can take place that will sweep our nation of South Sudan.

MUSIC FOR PEACE is an effortless yet effective way to teach new beliefs about peace and brotherly love. If peaceful songs are played frequently, and the words promote a more peaceful, beautiful and loving world, the listener’s beliefs could be affected and conflicts avoided.
Mohandas Gandhi said, “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.” If our young generation hears peaceful, enlightening music at an early age, they could learn a different way of looking at the world. Music has been used to prepare for battle, sell products, and promote religion and to inspire love. Why not use the universal language of music to teach peace and brotherhood?